Tahko is famous for its perfectly-groomed slopes. The downhill ski season here starts in November and lasts till April. The slopes of Tahko have different trails ranging from easy ones suitable for beginners to those where international competitions are held. The longest trail is over 1 km long, and the biggest vertical drop is up to 200 m. There are 15 lifts working for your convenience to bring you to the top of the slopes. If you prefer freestyle, Tahko Park and Jukulautastriitti street has rails and boxes for you to test your skills. For little guests, Tahko has prepared many safe and fun snow activities to make their holiday unforgettable as well. Guided courses and private lessons are organised daily for people of all ages, so don´t hesitate to contact Tahko Skischool for your own, fun guaranteed lesson.

Equipment can be rented from two places near slopes. Whether you like downhill skiing, snowboarding, telemark or cross-country skiing, there is no need for bring your own equipment from home. Besides ski rentals, the SkiMac Tirol also offers high quality maintenance for your equipment with quick and professional service.

In high season, Tahko Ski Resort has a large ice parking area on the lake Syväri. Before that opens, the nearest parking areas are located in Tahkolaakso, where the connection lift takes you to nearest slope and in the center of Tahko, where the connection to the slopes goes over the Tahko bridge by foot. Notice also that Tahko´s free Skibus is driving around the area five times a day, so it is possible to use that as well and leave the car on your accommodation.

Tahko has five unique slope restaurants around the slope area. Legendary Pehku and Panorama Bar & Café on the top of Tahko, Restaurant Tirol next to the main lifts, and Kunkku and Pulkka on the bottom of Tahkolahti bay. Restaurants open in the morning, or latest at lunch time, so there is no need to leave slopes for dining. Tahko´s famous after ski is at its best on weekends, but on high season there is always a place for celebrating on weekdays as well. Almost all the slope restaurants will also serve dinner by agreement and they can be reach by the car. In slope area, there are seven campfire places at your disposal for free. There are always firewood on place, so you can just relax and enjoy.

Active summer season

Tahko Ski Resort´s summer is full of action and experiences. There is nine downhill tracks from easy to difficult and several other mountain bike routes around the slope area. The chairlift operating hours will be updated during summer 2020 due to the current situation. The chairlift usually operates a few days a week and makes it easy to reach the top – whether you are just going to enjoy the scenery or having fun with a bike. The lift takes four persons at the time and is one of the most popular sights in Tahko´s summer. The lake view from the top is just one of those things you don´t want to miss while visiting Tahko.  Besides MTB routes, there is a lot of different kind of well marked hiking routes in slope area as well.  And -of course- the famous Tahko stairs ( Tahkon portaat ) at your free disposal. Vertical 200 meters, distance 800 meters with 600 meters of wooden stairs to run from the bottom to top. Tahko observation tower was build in fall 2019 on top of Special- slope. It rises up to 13 meters and the view is available to every direction from south to the north and from east to the west.

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