Tahko Mountain Ski Resort, season 2023/2024

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In the slope area, ski passes are available from the Tahkolaakso ticket sales point and Tirol ticket sales point with the Ski School office at the SkiMac Tirol rental shop as well as the Online Shop. There are also a ski pass vending machines at Tahkolaakso, Mutteri (the main lift station) and Länsirinteet (West slopes), allowing you to download the pass onto your KeyCard, buy a ticket with a new Keycard or pick up the tickets you’ve bought from online shop. The machine accepts payment cards.

Tahko uses the SKIDATA KeyCard ski pass system. You can use the same KeyCard in several locations around the world, including the SkiOne resorts in Kasurila and Vuokatti. The KeyCard costs €7 and can be used for several years. Be sure to take your old card with you to Tahko! (We no longer accept KeyCards beginning with 08 or 14.)

Ski passaged 13–64 yrs *6–12 yrs
*65–74 yrs
day (9:30–19:00)49 €32 €
afternoon (12:00–19:00)47 €31 €
evening (17:00–19:00)37 €24 €
3 hours43 €28 €
2 hours40 €26€

Mini Mountain slope area for kids and beginners

Ski passaged 13–64 yrs*6–12 yrs
*65–74 yrs
Mini Mountain area 2 hours 15 €15 €
Day ticket Mini Mountain area (9:30–19:00)25 €25 €


Ski passaged 13–64 yrs*6–12 yrs
*65–74 yrs
2 days92 €60 €
3 days 129 €84 €
3 / 5 days** 138 €90 €
4 days161 €105 €
5 days194 €127 €
5 / 7 days** 207 €135 €
6 days 217 €142 €
7 days 239 €156 €
8 days 259 €169 €
9 days278 €182 €
10 days 300 €196 €
Ski passaged 13–64 yrs*6–12 yrs
*65–74 yrs
Season529 €369 €
SkiOne season ***599 €429 €
Company1300 €
Ski pass

SkiOne multi-day tickets gives you access to ski at Kasurila and Vuokatti in addition to Tahko. When you buy a multi-day pass (starting from 5 days) from a ticket sales point, you will be photographed. The ski pass is personal. The pass is issued on a reusable KeyCard. Place the remote-readable card into your left pocket. (We no longer accept cards beginning with 14 or 08.) We will not redeem KeyCards. There is no refund for a lost ski pass without a receipt.

Multi-day passes are valid for consecutive days beginning from the day of purchase except for the passes for 3/5 days and 5/7 days. The SkiOne (Tahko, Vuokatti, Kasurila) multi-day pass offers one of Finland’s largest shared pass areas. The ski pass can be used at all the lift turnstiles during the valid days.

No charge for seniors aged 75 and over. Children under 6 years of age wearing a helmet and accompanied through the turnstile by an adult are allowed in free of charge.

* An ID card must be shown if requested.

** 3 freely selected days of skiing during 5 days or 5 days of skiing during 7 days.

*** The SkiOne season pass gives you access to the slopes of Tahko, Kasurila and Vuokatti.

Eu Disability Card allows for assistant ticket.

Ski pass resale is forbidden.

The price list is valid until the end of the season 2023-2024. We reserve the right to make changes.

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